Dismantling Racism


As a vestry member I was required to take training on Dismantling Racism in America led by Catherine Meeks. As well as other required training, I was moved most by this class. I reread Catherine Meeks' Living Into God's Dream and then watched the HBO documentary on Bryan Stevenson. I was so moved I asked F. Ben and the vestry if we could have the training for Dismantling Racism brought to our parish to be presented to our parishioners. They unanimously approved. I have not set a date yet as I would like F. Ben to be here. He said he would like to provide Eucharist at this training in our church. May we all behold one another as God's Beloved.

In Christ, Sandra Brown

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Dismantling Racism training seeks to increase "racial understanding, healing and reconciliation." It is offered several times throughout the year and is required for all parish clergy and all lay leaders, including vestry members. Trainings are developed by the Diocese of Atlanta Beloved Community: Commission for Dismantling Racism.

Spread the good news of the kingdom of God


Rev. Shirley Porter’s sermon this past Sunday got me thinking. The Gospel (Luke 10: 1-11, 16-20) was regarding Jesus sending out the seventy to spread the peace and good news of the kingdom of God. They were not to carry any purse or bag. I don’t know about you, but I am a serial over-packer and am lost without my purse. If I was one of the seventy, I would definitely be feeling a little uneasy and unprepared. Perhaps that was the point. Jesus wanted his followers to focus on the task at hand and not all the other things we worry about when we travel.

I am also not always the best at sharing my faith with others. It’s not that I’m ashamed of being a Christian. I just want to be respectful and not offend people of other faiths. But Rev. Porter had a good point about that. We honor and welcome those of other religions, letting them openly speak about their faith. When is it our turn as Christians? Why do we feel like we need to be timid about our love of Jesus? I think we should challenge ourselves to be more open about our faith. As Rev. Porter said, it’s not about converting people to Christianity but about forming meaningful relationships.

Brittney Kish Lightsey

Junior Warden

Standing Together

Fellow Franciscans,

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For those of you that participated in Sunday’s services, thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I really enjoyed the Litany that we used to mark the beginning of our mutual sabbatical with Fr. Ben.  I pray that this will be a time of transformation for us all.

In his morning meditation on Monday, Fr. Richard Rohr (in discussing the concept of Church which we inherited from the Jews) said “that there has to be some kind of collective good or collective transformation that bands together, because there is no way that we as individuals can stand alone against corporate evil or systemic sin. Here the individual is useless. The individual will be bowled over and lose.”   This is the time for us to band together as a Franciscan community not for Fr. Ben, not for the Diocese, not for the National Church, but for us: the body of Christ that is St. Francis Episcopal Parish.

I challenge all of us to use this sabbatical to learn, and grow into a stronger, more loving community.  There are many opportunities for service and worship at St. Francis:  Morning Prayer, Evening Prayer, Prayer Shawl Ministry, Freedom School, Tai Chi and Sunday morning Eucharist services.  Find something that challenges you in your spiritual journey so that we, as the Parish, can transform ourselves into what the Divine is calling us to be.


Your Brother in Christ.

Jeff Hobaugh, Sr. Warden


Thanks for your generosity

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As the Treasurer of St. Francis, first, let me thank you for all the support you provide to our community both financially and through the giving of your time.  Our missions and vision are successful because of you and your generosity.

 The Finance Committee, including me as the chair, work diligently to ensure the funds we have available, with vestry approval, are distributed equitably in support of our missions, both internally and externally.  It is our responsibility to provide current financial status to each of our committees and account holders on a monthly basis to ensure sound financial management throughout the year.  Vestry liaisons to the various committees work with committee chairs to aid in this quest.  Regular reporting of budget status enables areas of issues be addressed in a timely manner and helps lay a foundation on where funds will be prudent for consideration in the next year’s budget and budgeting process.

 Current overall budget status for our church is at a good point; however pledges are behind based on budget estimates.  Summer attendance and subsequent giving usually drops for a couple of months.  We are keeping our eyes on that and will report accordingly.

 Again, thank you for your current and continued support!

 Your Sister in Christ,

 Beverly Soles, Treasurer

Parish Life Committee


Greetings!  As Vestry Liaison to Parish Life I would like to thank Joseph Whidby (Chair) and his dedicated committee members for the awesome job they do in providing fellowship for our parish.

The purpose of the Parish Life Committee is to enhance interaction among parishioners and strengthen the parish community. The committee provides opportunities for parish social activities such as the weekly Sunday coffee hour, St. Francis Speaks, the annual Parish Picnic at Pentecost, and other event, such as the Shippen family send-off.

The Parish Life Committee also works with other committees and parishioners to plan and host our St. Francis Day Celebration.

Volunteers and donations are essential to the ongoing success of Parish Life's programs.  At this time Parish Life is in need of volunteers to help with setup and cleanup for the Sunday coffee hour. If you would like to lend a hand, please contact Joseph Whidby.

Christine Uebel-Trotter, Vestry Member