A Holy Lent



A Proper Preface for Lent says, “You bid your faithful people to cleanse their hearts and prepare with joy for the Pascal Feast; that fervent in prayer and works of Mercy, and renewed by your Word and Sacraments they may come to the fullness of grace …”

Works of Mercy   Let us be especially diligent in Lent to:
- Bring food every Sunday for homeless clients at Loaves and Fishes
- Fill the collection basket in the front hallway with the item requested by Daybreak
- Volunteer help for someone needing assistance
– Invite someone to church
- Call or send cards to people on the Intersessions Prayer List
- Serve at Weekend Lunch

Fervent in Prayer   We can open ourselves to the presence of God by:
- Setting aside a time of day for silent contemplation, or some new prayer practice
- Coming to Morning  Prayer at 9:15
- Coming to Wednesday Healing Eucharist at 12:10
- Walking the labyrinth
- Pray the Jesus Prayer throughout the day
- Reading Compline in the Book of Common Prayer before going to sleep
– Praying for people and situations you hear about in the media
– Fasting

Renewed by your Word and Sacraments    There is an abundance of spiritual books to study:
- Read any of the Gospels.
- Follow an online meditation – maybe Richard Rohr’s
- Attend the Wednesday night Lenten study and Compline service
– Pick up your free copy of “Lenten Meditations” from ERD – Episcopal Relief & Development
- Make an appointment with Fr. Ben for Confession and Absolution (Reconciliation of a Penitent p. 447 BCP).
– Attend a Sunday school class

Prepare with Joy    All these practices lead to one point:  the celebration of new life in Jesus.  Easter is little more than a Rite of Spring unless we prepare our hearts for joy with mercy, prayer, Word and Sacraments.