Thanks and CAT Results

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

First, let me thank you all for your help and support in making the Shippen family’s last Sunday with  us a  memorable occasion.  The love you showed through both your presence and your generosity will allow them to keep a bit of our parish in their hearts as they move into this new chapter of their lives.

Second, thanks to all who gathered on Saturday to contribute to our Parish workday.  We accomplished a lot and made some new friends in the process.  If you didn’t get the opportunity participate in this event, we will certainly provide another opportunity in the fall.

Third, I will be leaving on a work trip on Tuesday, June 4th and will not be at any services between then and June 20th.  Fr. Ben returns on Saturday and will be celebrate Pentecost with you.  Don’t forget about the combined 10:00 AM service with a parish picnic to follow.  I will be with you in spirit.

Finally, I would like to share with you more of the Congregational Assessment Tool (CAT) results.  Based on our responses to the CAT, the folks at Holy Cow Consulting were able to identify those areas that are Drivers of Satisfaction and Drivers of Energy for St. Francis.  These are helpful to us, as leaders in the parish, to understand what is important to you in order to help us move towards where we as a parish community wish to be.  Generally, when asked how things are going in the parish, we do not consider the totality of ministries and qualities that characterize us.  Instead we focus on a relatively small number of things.  An analogy used in the CAT is "when persons are asked what they like about their car, they generally focus on a few things that vary depending upon the person. One person might focus on fuel economy and reliability. Another might focus on luxury and performance. Hardly any will focus on things like the exhaust system or brakes, even though those items are very important. In other words, they are very focused on some things, less focused on others.”

Based on our responses these are our “Drivers of Satisfaction:”

Degree of Focus

DRIVER#1:  Our Rector communicates with people in a way that keeps us informed and connected.
Very High

DRIVER#2:  The worship services at our church are exceptional in both quality and spiritual content.

DRIVER#3:  Our Rector helps us accomplish our mission by bringing out the best in everyone.

DRIVER#4:  In preaching, our Rector engages people with a message that enriches their lives in the world.

DRIVER#5:  Our Rector articulates a clear vision for our church and keeps it before the people in a compelling way. High

The Degree of Focus indicates how important the driver is to our members in determining satisfaction within the parish

The “Driver’s of Energy” are:

Degree of Focus

DRIVER #1:  The worship services at our church are exceptional in both quality and spiritual content.

DRIVER#2:  The whole spirit in our congregation makes people want to get as involved as possible.

DRIVER#3:  Our Rector makes things happen.

DRIVER#4:  Problems between groups in this church are usually resolved through mutual effort.

DRIVER#5:  The leaders of our church show a genuine concern to know what people are thinking when decisions need to be made.

Again, the Degree of focus, indicates how important the driver is to our members in  determining energy within the parish.  

The levels of satisfaction and energy have been found to be reliable indicators of the health and vitality of a parish.  To find out what this means to us,  you will have to wait for the next installment.


Your Brother in Christ, Jeff

Jeffrey Hobaugh | Senior Warden | St. Francis Episcopal Parish.