Ben's Sabbatical 2019

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Dear Friends, I will begin a two month sabbatical on July 1st. A Sabbatical is a defined period of time away from one’s normal everyday duties and the time is spent in recreation, reflection and new learning. My sabbatical will be centered on Icon writing and Franciscan Theology in various ways of reflection, such as reading and writing.

 Franciscan theology is a theological mode of operating in the world with the belief that the incarnation was in the in-breaking of God into our human existence because he created us and loves us and that Jesus the messiah died for us because he loves us, not the Belief that God was forced to react to Adam’s sin. This atonement way of thinking restricts God’s freedom and dignity, that our behavior controls God. Through the incarnation the gulf that separates us from God has been bridged through original blessing, not original sin. This is what I want to examine further.

 After seven years of ministry together, I believe it is time to renew the relationship and commitment to the church and its priest. When I think about my summer sabbatical, it is clear to me that it has to be integral to me and to the parish for becoming a place of refreshment in renewal for those already here and for those who will be with us on their journey.

 Questions to explore:

 •How can we become even more immersed in Franciscan Theology at St, Francis?

•How has the incarnation entered into our lives and made a difference?

•How can we make St. Francis a home for Franciscan Theology, a place for the incarnation to break through in people’s lives?

 If you wish to help with my sabbatical this year donations to the Rector’s Travel and Continuing Education restricted accounts will be greatly appreciated. My lodging has been graciously given me by a San Francisco Theology professor (a friend) and her wife who live on campus in San Anselmo. With lodging taken care of, the cost should be no more than $7000.00 for these two months. We do have about $4000 available in the funds now. Thank you very much for this opportunity. Peace. Ben.