In Christ there is no East or West

# 529  In Christ, there is no East or West

Words:  John Oxenham

Tune:  McKee, Afro-American Spiritual, adapted and harmonized by Harry T. Burleigh

William A. Dunkerley wrote these words for the Pageant of Darkness and Light at the London Missionary Society’s exhibition, The Orient in London, which ran from 1908 to 1914.  Many hymnals credit the words to John Oxenham, Dunkerley’s pseudonym.

MC KEE has an interesting history. According to a letter from Charles V. Stanford to Samuel Coleridge-Taylor (who arranged the tune for piano in his Twenty-Four Negro Melodies, 1905), MC KEE was originally an Irish tune taken to the United States and adapted by African American slaves. It became associated with the spiritual "I Know the Angels Done Changed My Name," which appeared in J. B. T. Marsh's The Story of the Jubilee Singers with their Songs (1876).